Both Sides Agree: Trump Nailed Justice Reform

The U.S. Senate approved new criminal justice reform equally be both sides, in a real win for President Donald Trump. 

Named the First Step Act, the legislation is focused on reducing unnecessary prison sentences and providing assistance getting prisoners stable after completing their sentences. 

The bill will reduce the penalty for non-violent crimes like drug possession while also offering prisoners additional credits toward their release for good behavior and rehabilitative services. 

Even critic’s of Trump had to give the president his due, an example being Van Jones of CNN. A open critic of Trump, Jones conceded that the bill was a ‘Christmas miracle.”

“Liberals aren’t going to like this, but you know what made a difference? Donald J. Trump finally said enough is enough,” Jones said. “Jared Kushner had been out there bleeding for this.”

The First Step Act can be seen as an important first step to reduce the massive prison population in the United States. Although the bill has to be approved by the House and then signed by Trump before becoming law. With such support it doesn’t seem like that will be a problem.