Dems Attack Over Border Patrol Use Of Tear Gas

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) blamed the United States for forcing children to face tear gas in the border adding Trump’s administration has “caused the anxiety at the border.”

Cardin stated, “President Trump has argued that our immigration system needs to be fixed, yet, for the last two years, under his presidency, controlling both the House and the Senate, the Republicans, they have not taken any action to improve our immigration system. Instead, they put all their weight behind building a $28 billion wall that the experts tell us will do very little to protect our security at the border. So, the circumstances — you have people who are fleeing horrible circumstances in their own country…they have legitimate concerns about their safety. They want to seek asylum in the United States. There’s a process that needs to be followed for that. The Trump administration is not following those guidelines. So, they’re making the circumstances worse, and here we look at children being subjected to tear gas. That’s the United States causing that. That’s outrageous.”

“There’s a better way to handle this. The United States has caused — the Trump policies [have] caused the anxiety at the border. There’s an orderly process that should have been used. Should we fix our immigration system? Absolutely. But this administration has made no effort to fix our immigration system.”