NBC Speaks On Trump’s Business Deals In Russia

Network chief of foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell of NBC admitted that President Trump’s claims that his business deals in Russia were not illegal is “correct.”

Mitchell stated, “Well, that’s putting more pressure on President Trump and also, you know, weakening Trump. I mean, Putin is using every lever that he has. And Trump had put pressure on him over Ukraine. So he is, through Peskov, his right-hand person, saying, “Yeah, we’ve got those emails,” and showing the emails of Michael Cohen. Look, this changes the timeline. It puts this front and center in the campaign at the very time when the Russians were hacking, beginning to hack the Democratic accounts and, you know, the accounts of the campaign manager of Hillary Clinton.”

adding, “We don’t have the final connection. And the president’s correct. It’s not illegal for an international businessman to be doing the business. The conflicts of interest are profound. It’s not illegal yet. But we do know that the CFO of the Trump Organization is also a cooperating witness. And the fact that they put, in that criminal information, that Cohen had been talking to the family members. That’s a small universe. That’s Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Jared. So it now brings the family into it. And of course, the family, they can be indicted, if the president, arguably, cannot.”